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Henkel’s Ag Repair and the Frank Implement Company

And as the local Krone dealership, Henkel’s Ag Repair can provide everything you need around new Krone equipment, parts and service. Henkel’s Ag Repair is proud to have Frank Implement Company provide sales support for equipment purchases.

Talk to the Frank Implement Company for all of your Krone equipment purchases.


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Large Square Balers

KRONE – BiG Pack: The product line that secures Success
With a KRONE large square baler you purchase experience and competence in baler design. From experience KRONE knows the widely differing field requirements and offers a complete baler range with standard bale chamber dimensions. Internationally recognized innovations, such as the Variable Fill System (VFS), the unique MultiBale model and the camless EasyFlow pick-up are some reasons for the success of the KRONE BiG Pack. It is a fact: KRONE makes what customers want.